Sunday, March 2, 2014

Display A Cookie Centerpiece

Flower-shaped cookie centerpieces make a nice addition at springtime parties.

After slaving the day away baking and decorating cookies, the last thing you want is to haphazardly display your hard work on a generic looking plate. Give your cookies the recognition they deserve by displaying the baked goods in an elaborate and unique manner. Use a cookie centerpiece for a wide array of gatherings, including birthday parties, afternoon teas and formal sit-down dinners.

Cupcake Display Stands

Use non-cookie related items for a centerpiece to showcase the treats, such as a wrought-iron or decorative tabletop cupcake display stand. Fill the holder areas usually reserved for cupcakes with cookies, making certain to stand them up in order to fully display the cookies' decorative designs. For an evening party, fill some of the sections with tea-light or votive candles. Some brands offer candles with fresh baked sugar or chocolate chip cookie scents. You can also add small fresh flowers, like sweet peas or gardenias, in the cupcake holder areas.

Bouquet Baskets

Use cookies as an equally colorful yet edible alternative to floral centerpieces. Make some cookies using daisy- or tulip-shaped cookie cutters. Bake lollipop sticks into the cookie center to re-create a flower's stem. Display the cookie flowers in a glass vase or basket. Fill the bottom of the vase with crumpled blue tissue paper and the basket with green plastic Easter grass. For a rustic look, try placing the cookies in antique tin cans or mason jars.

Christmas Cookies

Cookies remain a common favorite during the holiday season. Purchase a miniature wooden sleigh that will fit on your table from an arts and crafts store. For a personal touch, paint it and handwrite a Christmas greeting on the side. Line the sleigh with tissue paper before filling it with cookies. You can also use a simple cardboard box wrapped in glittery Christmas wrapping paper. Fill the inside with layers of tissue paper for padding and place the cookies on top. Surround the box with ornaments, tinsel and fresh garland.

Jewelry Tree

Work ornamental household items into your cookie display piece. Start by wrapping a handful of cookies in plastic wrap or wax paper to preserve freshness. Put the cookies in decorative and colorful organza bags found at most party supply stores. Place a metal or pewter jewelry tree in the center of the table and hang the small bags from the tree's various branches. Encourage each guest to take a bag home.

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