Wednesday, March 12, 2014


We have a portable dehumidifier in the basement with an option to connect a hose to drain. as we dont have a floor drain, I would like to pump the water to a basement sink. We keep the dehumidifier near the tanks and water softener where most of the condensation takes place. the run to the sink is about 25 feet. Any recommendations?
thank you

Little Giant condensate pump (available at HD or Lowes). About $50.
Most (all?) have a safety switch built in to shut (what ever) off whatever it's connected to if the pump fails to empty. You need to check specs to see what voltage/current it can handle. May need to use a relay.

I saw one of those pumps this weekend. How would I hook it up? it appears like a portion of it has to be submerged.

If possible...could you just raise the unit and let it gravity drain?

I have been doing that the last few years, putting the humidifier up on a shelf and then running garden hose across the basement hung from the ceiling. while it works, I can't leave it that way permanently. willing to spend a little to get a more permanent solution.

I just bought a little giant vcma-15uls condensate removal pump. It has a safety switch that I assume can be used to shut off the dehumidifier in the event that the pump overflows. Since the dehumidifier has a standard wall plug, how would I hook it up to the safety switch. The dehumidifier is an LG model ld650eal. I don’t see anything in the dehumidifier instructions that indicates a way to connect it. It indicates the safety switch is intended for class II low voltage circuit.
thank you

The safety switch is designed to interupt the low voltage control signals on a home A/C unit from what I read. Unlikely you can connect it directly to the dehumidifier. I see the unit has electronic controls MAYBE you could somehow hack into the control panel?
One of the guys might be aware of something that the switch CAN control that would just plug in between the outlet and the dehumidifier?

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