Monday, March 10, 2014

Salt Water Conversion For Above Ground Pool

I have a 26' above ground pool. We've used Baquacil for the last few years, but last year we had every type of algae, fungus, and water mold that exists (and maybe some previous undiscovered types as well).
It seems that our only other options are chlorine or salt water. I've read that salt water is better than chlorine. What's the best method for converting to a salt water system? Is it really that much better (less maintenance and cost) than Baquacil and/or chlorine?
Does the water still need to be tested by the pool place every month, does it require shocking, etc. Any information is appreciated.
We have a sand filter if it makes a difference.

salt pools are nice, they make chlorine but you still to keep on top of your chemicals.
Filtration- a lot of my customers complain about green stuff, lots of times is because there are not running the filter pump long enough. you want to turn that whole body of water every day, poor filtration and circulation can cause huge algae problems

We purchased the Intex saltwater chlorine generator at the beginning of last summer (June 20th'ish) to replace the disgusting and inefficient self-dissolving chlorine tablets we had been using in our 16' Intex pool. They never dissolved fast enough and we were constantly battling algae problems. We had friends who had installed a similar generator on their inground pool and LOVED it. After ALSO upgrading to a more powerful filter pump, we are also in love with our saltwater generator. In the beginning, there was a little bit of a learning curve - setting the time of day you want it to run (since it puts itself on a 24-hour timer once you set it up) and to have it run at the same time as the pump is on was tricky, but I bought an outdoor timer from my local hardware store for the PUMP, so I don't have to worry about it at all now (unless there's a power outage). In one of the reviews I read before purchasing mine, the gentleman said you need to give the salt a full day to dissolve in the pool with the pump running before starting the saltwater generator, and he was right. As long as you follow the instructions that come with the unit and add the amount of salt necessary for your size pool (for our 16' X 48 circular pool, we needed 125 lbs.), you should be OK. I would recommend this unit to anyone with a small to medium-sized above-ground pool. A larger pool would probably require a more powerful unit. It feels so theraputic swimming in the saline-like water...absolutely wonderful! Our eyes don't burn, our swimsuits aren't fading from the usual chemicals that would be affecting them, and our hair even feels softer (believe it or not!). I will never go back to chlorine tablets again. A FANTASTIC invention!! I hope that helps with your decision.

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