Sunday, March 2, 2014

Features Of The Magellan Explorist 200

The Magellan eXplorist 200 is designed for use on park trails and in forested areas.

The Magellan eXplorist 200 is a GPS navigation device that is designed for users who are camping or traveling by foot. The device includes a complete basemap of North America, which displays highways, roads, airports, parks and other useful locations. The eXplorist 200 provides helpful information, such as the user's current direction, temperature and speed.

Dimesions and Display

The eXplorist 200 measures 2.1 inches wide and 4.6 inches high, with a depth of 1.3 inches. The product weighs 3.9 ounces. Its monochrome LCD display has a resolution of 160 by 120 pixels, and measures 2.3 inches diagonally. The display can be illuminated for nighttime use, and features support for 11 languages, including English, Spanish, German and French.

Accuracy and Acquisition Times

The 14-channel receiver is accurate up to 10 feet with a WAAS satellite signal. It has a position accuracy of 0.16 feet per second, and a velocity accuracy of 23 feet. The device's update rate is one second. In warm temperatures, it takes approximately 60 seconds to acquire satellite data. Hot temperatures require 15 seconds, and cold temperatures need 120 seconds.

Functions and Grids

The device is designed to notify users of their current heading, speed, elevation, bearing and distance to a destination. The estimated time of arrival (ETA) and estimated time en route (ETE) is displayed on screen, as well as the time and date. The eXplorist 200 features 12 different grids from which to choose, such as Lat/Lon, UTM or user customized.

The unit can store up to 500 waypoints, five navigation tracks, 20 navigation routes or 2,000 tracklog points in its memory. The TracBack feature allows users to navigate back over tracks they have already completed.


The eXplorist 200 is built with a rugged, IPX7 standard waterproof casing that is rubberized and made of impact-resistant plastic. The device operates on two AA batteries which provide up to 18 hours of use, has a built-in antenna and comes with 8 MB of internal memory. Operations are handled using an eight-way scrolling joystick and nine keys.

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