Sunday, March 9, 2014

Get Rid Of Dark Spots Quickly

Everyone wants clear and beautiful skin. Unfortunately, brown or dark spots can develop on the face and diminish a flawless appearance. But there are simple ways to get rid of dark spots. While it#x2019;s impossible to rid the skin of dark spots overnight, following a few beauty tricks can quickly improve your skin.


1. Undergo laser therapy to quickly get rid of dark spots. The fastest way to get rid of unsightly dark spots is to have laser therapy. A dermatologist performs the procedure, in which the light from a laser beam destroys unwanted skin cells, which lightens dark spots and beautifies the skin.

2. Schedule a chemical peel. Another way to quickly get rid of dark spots is to have a chemical peel. This safe procedure uses acid to remove the top layer of damaged skin. Once doctors apply the chemical, the damaged skin peels away, leaving healthy skin to show off.

3. Remove dark spots with microdermabrasion. This painless process involves microscopic abrasive crystals and pressure. A doctor gently massages the skin with the abrasive crystals. The procedure evens pigmentation, removes dark spots and softens skin.

4. Cleanse and exfoliate skin on a regular basis. A skin care routine can effectively remove dark spots and prevent future spots. Exfoliation removes dead and damaged skin cells. Plus, these products include active ingredients to quickly get rid of dark spots and improve the skin#x2019;s appearance.

5. Experiment with a whitening mask. Some people are prone to dark spots. If so, a whitening mask can help. This product gradually lightens dark spots and balances skin tone. Apply the mask once or twice a week.

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