Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Replace Sunroom Wall Panel

I have a metal framed sunroom with panels (roughly 2 feet x 4 feet) below the windows. The panels appear to be a masonite-like material 1/4 inch in thickness, textured and painted on the exposed side of course. One panel has been water-damaged (warped and bowed) and needs to be replaced. I think I can remove this panel but do not know where to obtain a replacement panel, or install it. Can anyone provide tips or suggestions? Thank you.

Do these panels have foam between the interior/exterior skin? Or is it just a 1/4 thick board between the inside/outside.
Uploading a couple pictures might help.

If you can't get them from the manufacturer of your sun room I assume you are going to have to make them. Long ago I made a few replacement panels for a sun room that had 2 thick walls cored with honeycomb cardboard. The manufacturer had long since gone out of business so I glued vinyl siding trim stock to the face of 2 thick rigid foam insulation with epoxy. The pattern embossed into the aluminum did not match exactly but it came out very close.

If the panels are 2 you'll probably have to make you own. The 2 wall system was done away with when CA went from the UBC to the IRC in '05 or '06.
1-1/2 foam panel sandwiched between panels of 1/4 Masonite on each side, textured and painted with latex paint.
Getting the old panel out and the new one in means you'll have to remove ALL of the screws (and rivets if there are any) in the entire wall. Then use a putty knife and drive the top and bottom of each aluminum H channel towards the corner away from the panel that you're replacing. You will get enough space widthwise to remove the damaged panel, the window, and the panel (or window) above it as a unit. Cut the panel you made exactly like the one you are replacing, and install everything in the reverse order.
It's IMPORTANT that you remove EVERY screw and rivet -- otherwise you won't get the pieces to move. Don't remove the corner post(s) or the wall channel if one is involved. That's a good part of what is supporting your roof. And don't try to pull the H channels our of the top or bottom track. Simply slide them sideways towards the corners.

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