Monday, March 3, 2014

Build A Brick Outdoor Grill

An outdoor grill is an excellent addition to your landscape.

Building a outdoor brick grill is an excellent way to add interest and functionality to your landscape. Creating your own outdoor brick grill can also provide a sense of accomplishment and pride in building a well-designed cooking and entertaining focal point. The project is relatively simple and can be done at a fraction of the cost when doing it yourself. Your grill can be simple in design or more elaborate to include other design elements as well, such as storage, shelves, counter space or seating for guests and family.


1. Dig out an area 4 to 6 inches deep to the length and width that will adequately incorporate your desired design. Make sure the area is level and well compacted.

2. Mix concrete and lay in approximately 3 inches of concrete into the area you have dug out and framed with wood. Lay either rebar or metal fencing across the area to ensure stability and prevent heaving (cracking and rising of concrete) due to climate changes. Add the remaining concrete, creating a slight slant downward,1/8 inch to #xBD; inch, toward the back of grill for water drainoff. Allow 48 hours for it to dry and set properly.

3. Wet down your bricks with a garden hose before laying them to aid in proper drying and give more stability to your grill. Gather all of your materials together as you will need to work relatively quickly and efficiently. Lay out the first row dry to your desired shape or design to ensure proper placement. Mix mortar to the consistency of peanut butter.

4. Lay out the first row of brick with 1/2 inch of mortar between each brick and butter the bottom of each brick as well. It is best to work from the ends and move in toward the middle. Stagger each row to ensure stability. Back-buttering the bricks is recommended. Simply apply a thin layer of mortar to the side and bottom of each brick. Use the trowel to tap each brick into place. Keep 1/2 inch of mortar between each brick.

5. Cut bricks if needed with a broad blade, score the brick all the way around and then give it a sharp blow with a hammer. Or use a masonry blade with your power saw. Use a curved surface (such as a 1/8-inch-diameter pipe; any slightly curved tool will work) and smooth the mortar between each row. This will give a clean and neat appearance. Continue this process, checking periodically with a level.

6. Place rebar or metal fencing and pins in the mortar to hold the fire tray when you have reached the desired height for it. The pins only need to stick out #xBD; inch to an inch. The fire box should be 4 to 6 inches from your cooking surface. Repeat the process of laying in rebar (or metal fencing) and pins to allow a sturdy resting place for your grilling surface.

Tips Warnings

Consider your specific needs and desired outcome when planning and designing the project. It is important to find an area for your grill that will be convenient as well as safe. After locating the perfect area, draw out your design so you can use it as a reference.

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