Sunday, March 2, 2014

Parts To Repair Harbor Breeze Fans

Ceiling fans circulate warm or cold air.

Ceiling fans look nice in a house and are a selling point to many buyers. The fans not only provide cool breezes in the summer, but when the direction is reversed on the blades, pull warm air down from the ceiling to circulate heat on cold days. By circulating air, ceiling fans help lower energy costs. Harbor Breeze fans are made exclusively for Lowe's home improvement stores, and replacement parts can be found at the stores or on the Internet.

Harbor Breeze Fans

The fans are sold in 36-, 42-, 44- and 52-inch sizes. The blades are white or wood-colored with many variations, from oak to chestnut. Some of the fans are ENERGY STAR-qualified, a program from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy that promotes energy-efficient products and practices.

Light Fixtures

The globe covering the center-mounted light can break or crack. The glass globes are sold separately as replacements for the original. Or you can choose a different style as long as the new globe fits your current model. Measure the radius of the light opening and if it matches the new globe, it will fit.


Ceiling fan blades can break or warp if they get wet. Replacing the blades is easy. Simply unscrew the old blade and insert a new one. Purchase the same size and color blade to be replaced. If the new blades are a different color than the originals, they will not match the rest of the unit. Also, the motor was designed to withstand a certain weight and size, so if a 52-inch blade is used to replace a 36-inch blade, the fan may not function properly. In fact, the weight of the larger blades may pull the apparatus out of the ceiling.

Remote Control

Depending on how high the ceiling fan is mounted, a remote control may be necessary to control the speed and direction of the blades. Also, a remote will turn the fan on and off, eliminating the need to use a wall switch. Be sure to buy the remote control specified for the model of fan you will be using it with.


The most essential and expensive part of the ceiling fan is the motor. A motor may be able to be repaired, but the cost is likely more than the cost of a new fan. Replacement motors are not sold.


The part that extends from the ceiling and the fan hangs on is the downrod. They are sold in ½-inch or 3/4-inch diameters and various lengths.


A small rubber disk, the flywheel is used to mount the blades to the motor. Rubber flywheels break after extended use and can be replaced easily.

Pull Chain Switch

A chain extends down from the motor and is pulled to turn the fan on and off and to change the speed. If the chain comes out of its socket, those controls cannot be accessed. Replacements are available and are easy to install.


Capacitors work together with the motor by storing energy in the form of electrical charges. Without it, the motor will not operate. The capacitor is a small unit attached to the motor. It can be taken off and replaced with a new one. Consult the manual for the correct part number.

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