Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tighten A Pegasus Tub Faucet

Pegasus creates a wide array of bathroom products such as sinks and faucets for home use. Pegasus faucets are known for their clean lines, stainless coatings and graceful curves. Like most faucets, Pegasus faucets are under constant pressure from your internal water lines that provide almost 80 lbs. of pressure per square inch. All this pressure can cause poorly fitted hardware to become loose, especially if there are small leaks already from faulty packing.


1. Turn off the water main before attempting any work on kitchen or bathroom water pipes. The water main for each room is typically located under the sink, in the cabinets. You can identify the main as one or two handles attached to copper piping or flexible metallic tubing. Turn each knob one half turn to the left to reach the off position.

2. Use the hex key in the star-shaped aperture located beneath the faucet and handles. Turn counterclockwise to loosen the faucet and handles so you can remove them.

3. Remove the faucet and handles from the wall fixtures now that they are unlocked. You may want to take this opportunity to soak them a cleaner that can break down lime and calcium.

4. Pry the old washers out of the faucet and handles using your flat-head screwdriver. These old rings become worn with use and begin to rot; dispose of them.

5. Place the new washers into the faucet and handle openings where you just removed the old washers. You will need to tap them down with your screwdriver to ensure they are firmly seated.

6. Attach the crescent wrench to the cartridge located behind the faucet, and turn it counterclockwise until tight. Do not force it, as this might damage the cartridge.

7. Reattach the faucet and handles using the hex key to tighten them into place. Make sure they are at least hand tight.

Tips Warnings

You can replace the cartridge at the same time that you have your faucet open. Replacing the cartridge can improve water pressure and reduce the amount of contaminants such as lime and calcium that pass through your faucet.

Always make sure the water main is completely shut off. Opening the cartridge or faucet while the main is still on can result in serious burns as the cartridge manages the hot water.

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