Sunday, March 2, 2014

Make A Tails Down Cheerleader Bow

Tails down cheer bows are often color-coordinated to the pom-poms.

Tails down cheer bows are bows where the tails of the bow are pointed downward. Learn make these tails down bows for a fraction of their retail price and you'll save money. Customize the tails down bows for each team, competition or division. Make practice bows to keep the kids spirits high while saving the wear and tear on competition bows. Make the ribbons shorter for smaller children or to wear with pigtails, or make them longer for girls with long hair.


1. Cut your ribbons to 2-foot lengths. Cut a 3/8-inch ribbon to 5 inches in length.

2. Lay the 3-inch ribbon flat on your work surface. Center the 2-inch-wide ribbon in the middle of the 3-inch-wide ribbon and glue it in place with the hot glue gun and hot glue. Center the 1-inch ribbon on the 2-inch ribbon and glue it in place. The three ribbons are now one layered ribbon, all in a straight line and glued together.

3. Fold the ribbon in half, making an awareness ribbon shape. Make sure the tails are the same length. An awareness ribbon shape is created by folding the ribbon in half, creating a loop at the top of the ribbon, similar to a figure 8 on the top half of the ribbon, but instead of folding the tails so they meet and create the bottom half of the figure 8, the tails are allowed to hang free.

4. Pull the center of the loop down and behind the point where the ribbons overlap. Pinch the center of the loop and the point where they overlap together to form the tails down cheer bow. Adjust the loops so they're the same size.

5. Glue a hair elastic to the back of the bow.

6. Wrap the 3/8-inch ribbon around the middle of the bow tightly so both ends of the 3/8-inch ribbon are behind the bow. Twist the ends together, making sure the hair elastic is under the wire ribbon. Push the twisted end of the wire ribbon flat against the back of the bow and hot glue it to secure it in place.

Tips Warnings

You can use wire ribbons for all of the ribbons, if desired. Some cheer teams like the fluid movement of ribbon, while others want the bows to stay perfectly formed. For perfectly formed bows, use wire ribbon.

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