Sunday, March 2, 2014

Art Sand Crafts For Children

Use the sand at the beach for easy kids' crafts.

Sand draws in children whether at the beach or the backyard. Sand also works well in kids' art and craft projects. Craft stores sell sand in a wide range of colors, offering an affordable and versatile medium for craft projects. For a custom color, you can also tint your own plain sand. Exercise caution when using sand with young children. Supervise them closely to ensure the sand doesn't get in their mouths or eyes.

Sand Pictures

Sand pictures provide an alternative to traditional paint or markers for drawing. The colored sand makes a textured picture when glued to paper. Card stock, poster board or another sturdy paper base works best for the craft to hold the weight of the sand. Colored sand is available from a craft store or you can make your own by mixing together sand and powdered tempera paint.

The kids spread glue onto the paper in the desired shape, applying the glue for only one color at a time. For example, if the child wants a sun in her picture, she would apply a sun shape with glue. The kids then sprinkle the desired color of sand on top of the glue and then shake off the excess sand. By working with one color of sand at a time, the colors won't get mixed up and stick to different areas of the picture.

Layered Sand Bottles

Layered sand bottles are a popular kids' craft. The finished product makes an attractive display. Look for bottles with interesting shapes at craft stores but bottles in any shape and size will work for this craft. A small funnel to pour colored sand into the bottle makes the craft easier. Children add the different colors of sand in layers until the bottle is completely filled. They should avoid shaking or bumping the bottle too much while filling the bottle or the layers of sand will mix together.

Beach Frame

Sand works well as a covering for a beach-themed picture frame. The resulting picture frame is ideal for a family photo at the beach. A cardboard picture frame from the craft store works best as the base for the picture frame. You can also cut out your own frame from cardboard.

The kids spread a thin layer of glue over the frame and sprinkle sand over it. An adult hot-glues other beach items around the frame such as seashells or sea glass. The scrapbooking section of the craft store also offers beach embellishments such as sand dollar replicas or 3-D beach stickers.

Sand Cast Sculptures

This craft is ideal for the beach or a backyard sandbox. The sand becomes the mold for a plaster of Paris sculpture. The resulting sculpture has a rustic, beach feel to it.

The kids dig out the desired sculpture shape from moist sand. Dry sand won't work because it won't hold its shape. Another option is to have the kids press their hands or feet down into the sand to make a sculpture of it. Misting the sand with a spray bottle of water can help maintain its shape. Pebbles, sea shells, marbles and other accents are placed in the bottom of the mold if you want them in the finished sculpture. The kids help mix the plaster of Paris to a thick consistency so it won't run underneath the rocks and other embellishments. The kids pour the plaster of Paris carefully into the hole, filling it about halfway. After about an hour, the sand can be moved away from the edge of the shape. It will take about 24 hours for the shape to cure completely. Flecks of the sand will become part of the sculpture to give it a textured, beachy look.

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