Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fix A Rusty Bicycle Chain

Does your bicycle squeak like violins on the first day at music camp? Do dogs cover their ears when you ride by? It's probably just a rusty chain. This is an easy fix that every bicycle owner should know.


1. Apply lightweight oil such as WD-40 to the whole length of the chain. Rotate the pedals several times to ensure that the entire chain is oiled.

2. Wait several minutes for the oil to soak in.

3. Wrap a rag around the chain and vigorously wipe the oil, dirt and rust from the chain. Again, rotate the pedals several times.

4. Inspect the chain for links that don't flex freely. If you find one, oil it heavily and scrub off any visible rust with an old toothbrush.

5. Oil the entire chain a final time.

Tips Warnings

Take care not to run your fingers into the gears while handling a moving chain.