Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Prevent My Holiday Blow Ups From Being Stolen

Secure your decorations to make sure that thieves don't spoil your holiday.

Holidays are for sharing and coming together with family, friends and neighbors. The decorating process can often be a contest to outdo each other in terms of holiday cheer and decorations. Some people like to celebrate a holiday by installing large inflatable decorations in their front yard. However, these decorations can also be a target for thieves and vandals. To prevent your holiday blow ups from being stolen, devise a plan of prevention so no one can to steal away your holiday cheer.


1. Consider mounting the holiday blow ups on the roof out of reach of people. Purchase oversized pumpkins or Santa with reindeer that are large enough to hang from a balcony or the rooftop of your home. Hire a handyman to climb on top of the roof and properly mount the decorations using string.

2. Position the blow ups closer to the front door or near a bedroom window where you can either hear thieves in the night. Ground the inflatable items with rope and pegs to secure them firmly to the ground. Most oversized decorations will require some type of grounding so your 8 -foot tall snowman doesn't come crashing down. Give extra reinforcement by using thicker ropes and deeper pegs than what was supplied with the decorations. Consider securing them from the top using thick clear wire or a rope to tie to a tree branch over top.

3. Install security cameras in your yard to catch intruders who may be waiting for you to go to sleep at night before entering your yard. If the issue is serious, work with a security company to add motion detectors and alerts when someone is in your yard in addition to the camera work.

4. Contact the local authorities if there has been a rash of thefts your neighborhood. Work with your neighbors to see if you can pinpoint times the robbers may be coming out. Ask for a police car to patrol the block to see if they can spot the thief in action or at least scare him off knowing that police are on the watch.

5. Write your name and contact information on all of your decorations. Sometimes stolen decorations are reported to the police, especially by parents of teenagers who have mysteriously and suddenly shown up with decorations stored in the garage or backyard.

Tips Warnings

Keep in mind if someone is determined to steal your decorations, they will find a way to do it. Unless you want to go through the process of removing items every night or at least if you know you'll be on vacation, there is no absolute way to prevent theft.