Monday, March 10, 2014

To Seal Ceramic Tile Or Not To Seal

We have a brand new house and currently have a company installing Ceramic Tile in our Kitchen, Bathrooms, Foyer, and Dining room. In all, about 850 square feet of tile.
The company just started but told us today that they can seal the ceramic tile and grout for $700. I have been reading alot of the notes from other postings and understand that we should seal the grout but I havent seen anything about sealing the tile also. Should we seal both the grout and the tile. And if so, is $700 a good price to pay our tile vendor?
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A little more info on the Ceramic Tile. I believe the Ceramic Tile we are installing is from Mexico or Spain.

Is it a glazed ceramic tile? If it is, then only the joints need sealing...even so, $700 seems a bit much..what are you paying for installation per foot?

Well, if the tiles are glazed and dense, then it becomes a chore to seal the grout and either keep the sealer away from the tiles or keep it wiped off. $700 might not be a bad deal.
We do need a bit more info on the nature of the tiles. Where they were made doesn't tell us much.

Thank you for your quick replies. It is a glazed ceramic tile. The tiles are 17 x 17 glazed ceramic tiles from Spain....I was told they were a Grade 4, which is supposed to be good, but I am not sure.
Anyway, I was planning on brushing the sealant in the grout lines with a small, fine brush and take the time. Also, I read on John Bridge's website that I should wait 48 hours after the grout is laid before I seal it...just validating this or do I do it as soon as possible after the grout is finished?
Thanks again...

Yes, wait a minimum of 48 hours. 3 days would be even better. You do not have to wait for the grout to cure, as some would have you believe. It only needs to air dry.
Adanac, on another forum, mentioned a felt-tipped applicator sold at Home Depot. He says it does a good job of getting the sealer into the joints. I'm sure it will work better than the little brush.
A grade 4 tile will not accept any sealer, so keep a damp rag handy to wipe the edges of the tiles.
I like the Aquamix product called simply Grout Sealer. It's reasonably priced and sold at Home Depot as well as at many tile supply stores.
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Actually the applicator has a brush tip, and is a breeze to use. $8 bucks for the applicator, and $40 bucks for the sealer, and in a few hours you've saved $600+. Sounds worth it to might want to spend another $10 on knee pads.

Thanks John and Adanac. I picked up the brush grout cleaner today and I am ready to the way, I think I will get the knee pads.
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Tell us what you do in that regard. We're probably both interested. I want to get away from my current ISP. Don't know about Adanac.

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