Saturday, March 8, 2014

Install An Embedded Zmax Post Base

An embedded Z-Max Post Base, made by Simpson Strong Tie, is a metal bracket used for installing a 4-by-4 post in concrete. The post sits directly in the base, which is then installed in the concrete. Installing the base is no different than drilling into any other type of concrete and can be completed with just a few tools necessary.


1. Place the post base at the desired location in the concrete. Attach a 1/4-inch masonry drill bit to a power drill. Press the bit firmly into place through the hole in the center of the base, and into the concrete below the base.

2. Push the back of the drill with your non-dominant hand and hold down the trigger to start the drill with your dominant hand. Press down firmly and drill straight through the concrete. Continue pressing down on the drill until a hole has been drilled through the concrete.

3. Back the drill out of the concrete and attach a Phillips head drill bit to the power drill. Screw a masonry anchor in place through the pre-drilled hole and into the concrete until the head is flush with the bottom of the bracket.

4. Set the 4-by-4 post in the base and have a helper hold it in place. Center it and drill with a drill bit through the holes in the side of the base and into the post. Drill two 5/8-inch holes into the post and tighten machine bolts into the holes to hold them in place.

5. Hammer twelve 16d HDG nails through the small holes in the side of the post base and into the post. Insert six nails on each side of the post so they are flush with the base, to secure it in place.

Tips Warnings

Wear safety goggles when drilling concrete.

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