Monday, March 10, 2014

Dog Scratch Protection For Window Sills

I'm looking to see if anyone's aware of a protective coating I can put over white painted pine window sills and possibly even my front door? The dog's a German Shep and jumps up all the time to look outside. I'm moving to a new house and JUST painted everything... training him won't help as he does it when I'm coming in~ OR if the neighborhood cat/squirrel goes by.
I may be doomed to grooves and chips- but figured I'd ask if any acrylic? or enamel? might seal over the paint?
I'm also open to any ideas like gluing down strips of vinyl maybe- but that sounds like a mess when it needs repair-?

I like acrylic - comes in sheets at home centers. Cut to fit and hold in place with two sided tape.

How do you cut acrylic? Will I need a saw or just an exacto knife?

Lots of different ways. A little labor intensive, but you can cut it with a utility knife. Saws can sometimes run a little hot and end up melting the stuff, but I've had good success with a rotozip (make sure to use a straight edge as a guide). A jig saw and straight edge would also probably work well.

The saws work better at lower speeds and blades with less teeth work better
I'm pretty sure the Roto-zip has a special blade for acrylic

OK, well- I don't own any electric saws (yet) so maybe I'll try the saw I have (it's got a skinny teethed side, a handle and sort of looks like the letter D) I don't know if that's a jigsaw?
I'll try it though and wish me luck... The sills will be the toughest as they're thin. I'll likely cut larger pieces for the back of the doors and door jam.

Originally Posted by spikedog4
...I'll try the saw I have (it's got a skinny teethed side, a handle and sort of looks like the letter D)
A hacksaw?
That should work fine
Good Luck!

Yes- that's what it is- hacksaw...
thanks for the info!

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