Saturday, March 8, 2014

Berry Table Topiary Crafts

Make a table topiary from fresh, dried or fake berries.

Berry table topiary crafts are an excellent way to decorate your holiday table. Try this craft to place at the center of your table for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. Select from a range of berries including fresh or fake cranberries, miscellaneous fake berries in a variety of colors, or dried berries such as milo or canella berries.

Cranberry Topiary

Create a festive Thanksgiving or Christmas topiary centerpiece using fresh cranberries. Use two Styrofoam balls in equal or graduated sizes and join together using a wooden dowel, leaving the dowel protruding from the bottom ball. Paint the dowel green and Styrofoam balls red, then let dry completely. Using wooden toothpicks that have been broken in half, begin to assemble by inserting one end of toothpick into a cranberry and the other into the Styrofoam ball until the ball is thoroughly covered with cranberries. Place a floral sponge block in the bottom of a planter, cover the block with greenery. Press the protruding end of dowel securely into the floral sponge. This arrangement will last approximately one week and should be discarded as berries begin to soften. You can increase the lifespan of the berries by covering with shellac.

Canella or Milo Christmas Topiary

Use a cone-shaped Styrofoam form. Using a low-heat glue gun start gluing bunches of dried canella or milo berries to the cone, working from the bottom up. Continue gluing bunches of dried berries until there is no Styrofoam visible or until the berries are about 2 inches deep. You can use the stems of each bunch to assist you in positioning the berries as you secure. Once complete, you will have a beautiful Christmas topiary to use as a centerpiece for years to come.

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