Saturday, March 8, 2014

Make Men'S Shoelace Bracelets

Unlike the feminine look of this bracelet, a shoelace bracelet provides a rugged, masculine look.

Shoelace bracelets are a fashion accessory for guys who want to wear a bracelet, but want something that looks masculine. It's made of a belt, shoelaces and optional keychains, all strung together. Contrasting the colors of the shoelaces or changing the lacing pattern in the first type of shoelace bracelet gives it a different appearance. Two types of shoelace bracelets can be made. One involves weaving a shoelace through a series of holes punched onto the belt. The other takes less weaving, but requires shaping paper clips to securely wrap to the belt and key chains.


Basic Shoelace Bracelet

1. Size the bracelet to fit the person who will wear it. Start by wrapping the leather belt loosely around the man's wrist. Cut the remaining portion of the belt using scissors. The wrapped part fits snug, but not too tight.

2. Use a leather punch to make holes in the belt. When looking at the belt horizontally, there should be two holes side by side (one on the upper part of the belt and the other on the bottom). These holes should stretch across the belt, creating a long row of holes on the upper and lower portions.

3. Put the shoelaces through the belt holes and lace the new bracelet. recommends creating an X pattern with the shoelaces. It's possible, however, to create a number of designs by weaving the shoelaces through different hole combinations.

4. Tie a knot at the end of the string when the lacing is complete. This keeps the string from coming undone. Cut the remaining string from the laced shoelace. Use leather snaps on the end for additional hold.

Alternative Shoelace Bracelet

5. Size the bracelet to fit by wrapping the leather belt loosely around the man's wrist. Cut the remaining portion of the belt, keeping the wrapped part snug.

6. Use a hammer and small finish nail to make two holes in the belt bracelet, one at each end. Don't hammer the bracelet too hard, otherwise the hole might be too big. Consider using a leather punch instead.

7. Bend and wrap a paper clip around the hole at one end of the bracelet. Leave an opening on the paper clip so it can also be attached to a keychain. Repeat for the other side. It may be best to use a pliers to bend the paper clip, so it holds tightly to the belt and the keychain.

8. Cut a shoelace to about 4 inches. Tie it to one of the keychains. Put the bracelet on the person who will wear it and determine how much shoelace should be cut, so the bracelet wraps snug, not tight. There needs to be enough so the shoelace can be tied to the other keychain. Trim the additional shoelace, then tie the shoelace to the other keychain.

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