Saturday, March 8, 2014

Make Animalthemed Baby Shower Favors

Baby animals add an adorable element to a baby shower theme. Choose from forest, Noah's ark, zoo or farm animals, as well as teddy bears. Create baby animals for the shower to match your party decorations. Make baby pompom critters in pastel colors as favors for your guests to take home. Add a craft to shower activities by teaching guests make animal-themed baby shower favors. Supplies are readily available at big box or craft stores. Your guests can use your pompom animals as shelf sitters, ornaments, pins, magnets and barrette and pony tail adornments.


1. Draw a heart on a piece of lightweight card board that is 3/4 or 1 and 1/2 inches long to go with a 1/2- or 1-inch pom pom. Cut out the heart, which will serve as a pattern.

2. Place the heart pattern on top of a piece of felt that matches the color of the pompom critter you are making. Trace around the heart pattern with a pencil or pen. Cut out the heart, which will be the base and feet of the animal shower favor.

3. Use the tacky glue to adhere a pompom to the felt heart over the pointed bottom of the shape. The rounded upper portion of the heart will be the feet.

4. Glue a second pompom to the top of the first one. Add a tiny drop of glue to one of the move-able eyes and place it on top of the pompom. Repeat with the second eye.

5. Decorate the pompom according to the theme you have selected. Secure a tiny bead for a nose on a bear, mouse or bunny. Make an elephant's trunk with a 3-inch piece of chenille stem. Wrap the stem around a skewer and slowly pull it off, retaining the coiled shape. Shape the piece into an elephant trunk and glue it to the face of your pompom animal favor.

6. Add details to your favors. Cut tiny circles from felt to make mouse ears and large circles for elephant ears and elongated bunny ears. Glue ears to the top of the head. Glue tiny pompoms to the head and shoulders of a bear for ears and arms.

Tips Warnings

Pompom animals also can be incorporated into the party's centerpiece. Decorate doors, wall wreaths or a diaper cake with pompom critters.

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