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Become A Gynecologist

Becoming a gynecologist takes a great deal of time. You must be dedicated, motivated and smart to get through all the years of education and actually become a gynecologist. It is a very rewarding position and one that pays well, too.


Become a Gynecologist

1. Graduate from college. After you graduate from college and have met all your medical school class requirements you need to study for the MCAT. This is the Medical College Admission Test and you must pass it in order to get in to medical school. You will need to study for the MCAT and get an amazing score so you will have a better chance of getting into the medical school of your choice.

2. Apply to medical school. Once you have taken the MCAT and graduated from college you can apply to medical school. It is a good idea to apply to several medical schools in your senior year. Once you are accepted to the medical school of your choice, then you will go through several years of classes, labs and clinicals. The second two years are spent in hospitals. It is your fourth year you would choose a speciality. When you complete medical school, you will move on to your medical residency. At this time you will focus on your speciality of gynecology.

3. Enter medical residency. During your medical residency you will be working in a hospital. You must apply to residency programs at the hospitals of your choice. You will be interviewed and hired if you meet the requirements the hospital is looking for in a new resident. During the resident period of time you will hone your skills in a particular area, like gynecology. Gynecology residencies are four years.

4. Take the speciality boards. After the four year gynecology residency, doctors are ready to take the speciality boards. Once these boards are passed they become board certified gynecologists and can practice on their own. This is a long road, since a high school student who goes straight to college, then to med school, and her residency won't be a full board certified gynecologist for 12 years!

Tips Warnings

Maintain a high GPA in high school, college, and med school.

Talk to a financial planner about pay for your education.

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