Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A/C Recommendations

I'm in the process of getting estimates for A/C installation. Not to doubt him, but a contractor is trying to sell a 10 seer 3 ton Concord A/C to me. He said that it is a spin-off from the Lennox brand. I have 1,800sq ft and I live in MI, I figure a 3 ton is accurate. Also, I plan on moving within the next year or two so I think a 10 seer is appropriate. I've never heard of Concord, what are the top A/Cs out there and where does Concord fall under? Thanks guys.

Get 3 bids for the same job here for sure. Never heard of it.
top of the line Trane Rheem Lennox.
Even for resale in a year Id still go for a 12 seer on a AC unit this day and age.

Go with Ed's advice also be sure they do a heat load/loss calculation on the home.
Never heard of Concorde either. Maybe it's like the Big-Lots version of a Lennox.

I looked on Concords website:
I've gotten quotes for the ridiculous amount of $3,000.00 (which was from Sears) down to 1,600.00 (the Concord guys). The reason why I thought a 10 Seer would be best in my situation is because the cost between a 10 and 12 seer could not recouped in a one year period. Not trying to be sarcastic, but I doubt it if a person buying my home would ask what is the seer rating on my A/C and base not buying the house on it. Appreciate all the advice guys. Please advise......

The reason why I thought a 10 Seer would be best in my situation is because the cost between a 10 and 12 seer could not recouped in a one year period.
No you wont. But people know names and now days know SEER. Also who would work on it. This can all help you sell the home.

concorde is very low end nordyne stuff, avoid it in my opinion.
and sears.........
they sub it out, get a sizeable percentage, use low bidder. why contract with a middleman?

Sears is a rip off and so is Home Depot (in this case), both of them wanted 3K. I was able to contact a Lennox dealer and get a reasonable estimate for $1650. I talked to at least 10 different Heating and Cooling companies in my area and negotiated to get this price. It seems that this is a very competitive business especially around this time of year. Thanks for all of your comments. I almost went with Concord.

Ok... while researching different brands of AC units, I've found that Concord line is from Armstong Air which is by Lennox. The site I found said that Concord was viable option to Janitrol and Ducane. If you want more info on Concord, their site is:

lennox owns armstrong, but an armstrong unit is by no means a lennox. i am noit a lennox fan, but am very familiar with this situation.
and i agree they are comparable to janitrol and ducane, low end

Hello All, Like Chris, I have a contractor that wants to install a Concord CCU-13 3 ton unit. I live just outside of San Diego and its been hotter than hell lately. My current unit (3 Ton Lennox) is 15 years old and just can't do the job anymore. So I need to replace it. I've gotten quotes ranging 3300.00 (concord) to 5900.00 (lennox) All the same inside parts (coleman-because I have a manufactured home 13 seer). But the outside units are lennox, concord, trane. I just don't know what to do. I've done some research on concord and from what I'm seeing on this forum, its not a trusted unit. Even though if you google lennox + concord it comes up with the lennox international web site. It's linked to lennox. I'm just not sure which way to go. I don't have a lot of cash to blow, but I do want a system that I can trust and don't have to continually call a repair man to come out and fix every other day. For instance yesterday, it was 104 outside. Turned on the air and it couldn't cool it down below 87. Unless I turn it on first thing in the morning, it won't coll down the home below mid 80s. I've checked duct work its all good. and I have proper insulation in the attic area. My house has half attic and half catherdal ceilings. I'm kinda lost on this, I have 10 different estimates. I don't know which way to go. Any advice would be helpful.

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