Monday, March 3, 2014

Backyard Bbq Patio Ideas

Outdoor barbecues are fun gatherings.

Outside dining is a terrific way to entertain, bringing together family and friends with good food and good conversation. Having a inspiring and inviting backyard space is key to barbecue patio success. To begin, it's best to think about your individual style. You may aspire for a Southwest look--complete with an Indian rug or possibly a zen gardene. Once you have determined your style, the fun begins in putting all the pieces together.

Tuscan Design

A backyard patio with Tuscan style brings the warmth of Italian hospitality together with great food and your closest friends. A barbecue ready to grill fresh vegetables and marinated chicken is a needed companion. Add a built-in tiled counter perfect for serving wine and food. Use tiles in the color of Italian villages--warm yellows and brick red. Add large ceramic pots in warm colors--like orange and yellow--and fill them with lavender to imitate the lavender fields found in the hills of Tuscany.

Zen Inspiration

Zen gardens are perfect for smaller groups and have an air of calm. Large ceramic Buddhas grace bamboo plantings. Palms sway in large containers. Use soft colors that will inspire, but not distract. Colors of nature, such as green and pale yellow, add to the decor. A table of bamboo makes a good dining choice. Remember to use plenty of natural lighting, such as votive candles placed subtly in the yard. Use a mobile barbecue, so it can be tucked away when the cooking is done and restore order back to your serene retreat.

Southwest Style

Decorate your backyard patio with the bold intense colors of the Southwest. Patios tiled in bright blues enhance and enliven your space while the walls that face your back yard can be painted in warm yellow tones. A built-in barbecue makes outdoor dining a success. Adding a canopy or large umbrella keeps your guests cool on those warm summer evenings. Large potted cacti lend an air of authenticity and require little maintenance. For added color, hang a Native American rug from one wall.

Napa Style

Napa-style dining and patio ideas are gaining in popularity as wine appreciation grows. Decorate your patio with a rustic outdoor wooden table, which can be made from salvaged wood, to give an authentic edge to your back yard. Small potted olive trees accent your space as well as wooden chairs with oversized cushions in soft yellow or neutral tones. The patio can be tiled in natural travertine to give the rustic look that's all about Napa and a custom-made, built-in barbecue with similar tile ties the theme together. Don't forget lighting. String lights from trees and have them hang over the table to extend your evening barbecues.

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