Monday, March 10, 2014

Installing A Tiled Walkin Shower

We are building a second floor master bath, I would like to put a whirl pool tub but also install a walk-in tiled shower stall instead of a built shower unit. I'm concerned re securing water leakage to the first floor. Any advice? Thanks !

Your tiled shower will be sealed from leakage by an EPDM rubber liner. I will attempt to find the post that gives a good visual installation and post it later this evening. BTW, good choice.

Found it quicker than I had expected. Compliments of one of our regulars, HeresJohnny:

Check this out as well.
This is a real good illustration. Most dont use the additive for the preslope though.

You could also go with Kerdi. When I start my upstairs bathroom, that is what I will be using. The two links given in the above posts have plenty of info about it. They have info on their website and are very helpfull people. Give them a call and they will send you samples, brochures and installation videos.
How do you guys get away with adding those links? I got yelled at for doing that .

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