Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Replacing Honeywell T8411r Heat Pump Thermostat

Hi, I'm looking to replace an old Honeywell T8411R Heat Pump Thermostat with something with similar wiring so I can do it myself. Any suggestion? Thanks very much!

What is wrong or why the change of t-stat?
What do you have for back up heat?

Thanks for your response.
What is wrong or why the change of t-stat?
The t-stat does not seem to work right. I had t-stat for heat set at (say 70F) but when the temp inside went down to (say 68F) the heat does not turn on maybe until it gets down to (say 65F).
What do you have for back up heat?
I don't know. I have the info below and wiring for the t-stat hope you can help me.
model: Trane TWE036C140B0
t-stat wiring from the wall connecting to Honeywell T8411R:
G - green
C - blue
R - red
W1 - unused
Y - yellow
L - unused
W2 - white
E - black
B - unused
O - orange
Thanks again for your help!

Ok, I would suggest the Honeywell RTH7500 or RTH7600 for your system.

I'll order one. I may come back for more questions.
Thanks again! Beer 4U2

Rather than waiting to order one to come in, they do sell them at Home Depot, or some other home centers.

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