Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Freezer side was not cooling and Ice Maker stopped make ice. Cleaned dust from behind the unit's venting panel and moved about 6 inches from the wall. The coils on the freezer side are now coated with frost and the Ice Maker started making ice. The freezer temperature is currently at 15, 0 is recommended. The refrigerator is currently at 41, 37 is recommended. Don't know if a problem still exists and if so, what should be replaced 1st. Any ideas and/or thoughts would be appreciated.

I've replaced the main board in the back, have checked all 4 thermistors, continiuity in the defrost heater, both fans are working, compressor is running, no dust on the cylindrical cooling fins.
After defrosting and restarting a couple weeks ago, all seemed ok. Frig stayed around 39 and freezer 0-10. Then, all of a sudden, ice started melting again and both frig and freezer sides got warm. My repair guy (who didn't impress me much) is now saying it must be in the sealed system. If that was bad, or low on freon, how could it have maintained so nicely for 10 days ??
I'm frustrated and don't want to throw more money at a 8-10 yr old side by side.
Model is GE GSS25SGSD.
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I have a friend who has a GE Arctica side by side Refrigerator. He took it out and washed it out with a water hose. When he hooked it up it stopped cooling. Since I have the same refrigerator model, I tried my control board out of my refrigerator and it did not fix the issue. The evaporator coils cool just a very small amount. They have no frost at all and are more warm than cool. I feel a gurgling in the tubes when I put my hand around them. The compressor is vibrating. The condenser and evaporator fans are running. I cleaned the condenser coils. Any ideas what might be keeping it from cooling? Thanks in advance...

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