Sunday, March 9, 2014

Replace The Valve In A Valley Faucet

Valley Faucets come in two styles, depending on whether they were manufactured before or after 1993. Depending on your model, there will be a few slight differences when changing out the cartridge valve. The process only requires a few basic tools and some general knowledge of appliance repair. If you are handy with tools, this project only takes about a half hour.


1. Turn off the water supply to the faucet by accessing the pipes under the sink.

2. Remove the cap on top of the handle by lifting it out with your fingers, and loosen the screw under it with an Allen wrench. Or, locate the screw under the lever part of the handle (on lever style faucets) and loosen the screw with an Allen wrench.

3. Slide the handle off the faucet. For newer Valley faucets remove the spacer by sliding it off, unscrew the cartridge nut using pliers, if necessary, and take off the sleeve. Then slide the cartridge out of the faucet head. On older Valley faucets prior to 1993, unscrew the adjusting ring first, then remove the bonnet and sleeve before sliding the cartridge out of place.

4. Replace the cartridge with a new one made for your specific Valley Faucet model by inserting it into the head of the faucet where the old one was vacated. Replace the sleeve and cartridge nut (on newer faucets) or replace the sleeve, bonnet and adjusting ring (older faucets).

5. Replace the faucet's handle by sliding it onto the stem and re-tighten the handle's retaining screw.

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