Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Clean A Clogged Coffee Pot

Clean your coffeepot regularly.

Most people use tap water to make their morning coffee, which can eventually lead to problems with the coffeepot. The minerals in tap water can build up inside of your coffeepot, eventually causing it to clog. There are commercial preparations available to clear a clogged coffee pot, but you can spare yourself the expense by using ordinary household vinegar to clean it out.


1. Unplug the coffeepot and make sure that it is cool.

2. Fill the water reservoir of the coffee pot with white household vinegar and plug it in.

3. Insert a filter and run the coffeepot halfway through its usual brewing cycle.

4. Let the vinegar mixture stand in the coffeepot for a minimum of 15 minutes, allowing lime deposits to soften. Turn the coffeepot back on and complete the brewing cycle.

5. Pour out the vinegar and fill the reservoir with cold water. Run the coffeemaker through two or three brewing cycles with clear water until the vinegar has been completely removed from the coffeemaker.

Tips Warnings

Use the vinegar solution on a regular basis to prevent mineral buildup.