Monday, March 3, 2014

Connect Multiple Platforms To Tvs

Your TV can handle connections from multiple devices at one time.

TVs include an array of input ports that provide support for multiple entertainment platforms to connect to the TV. Use the HDMI and component ports on the TV to connect devices with a high-definition digital signal. For the standard definition equipment, use the standard RCA jacks to make the connection to your TV. The input button on the TV allows you to cycle through the video sources once they are connected to the TV.


1. Plug an HDMI cable into the HDMI port on your satellite or cable set-top box. Connect the other end into an HDMI IN jack on your TV. Use the remaining HDMI ports to connect a Blu-ray player or other device that supports digital high-definition video.

2. Connect the component cables to the Component Video OUT jacks on the rear of your DVD player or game console. Insert the other end of the component cables into the Component IN jacks on the input panel on the TV.

3. Plug one end of the composite cables into the Video + Audio OUT jacks on your VCR or DVD player that does not support a component connection. Insert the other end of the cables into the Video + Audio IN ports on the rear of your TV.

4. Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the RF jack on the base of an indoor HDTV antenna. Fasten the other end of the cable into the ANT IN jack on the rear of your TV.

5. Turn on your TV and press the Input or TV/Video button on the TV's remote repeatedly to cycle through the connections. The screen will display a message detailing which connection is currently displayed on the TV.

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