Monday, March 3, 2014


Scan your photo slides with the HP G4050's transparent media adapter.

Digitizing slides provides a way to preserve the slides’ images for the long term, giving you the option to save the digital image file and even print it onto photo paper. The HP G4050 comes with a transparent media adapter, which facilitates scanning slides as well as photo negatives and other transparent materials. A special slide setting on the G4050 allows the scanner to properly scan the images on the slides, enabling you to edit the images as you would any other scanned item before finally saving them to your computer’s hard drive.


1. Turn on the G4050 and the attached computer. Open the scanner’s lid to expose the scanning glass.

2. Remove the transparent media adapter from the inside of the scanner’s lid. Undo the latch and pull the adapter up.

3. Place the template marked for slides on the scanner glass, with the side marked with icons facing up. Place the first slide in the slot 1, the second slide in slot 2 and so forth.

4. Close any open flaps on the transparent media adapter template. Close the scanner’s lid gently.

5. Press the button with the icon of a photograph on the scanner’s lid. Select Scan Positives in the dialog window that comes on the computer’s screen and click Scan.

6. Remove the slides, then the slide template from the scanner after you are done saving the scanned slides. Reinsert the transparent media adapter into the inside of the scanner’s lid, making sure to replace the latch.

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