Saturday, March 8, 2014

Get An Anonymous Phone Number

Get An Anonymous Phone Number

For many reasons, there are people out there who would like a back up phone, or phone number that is completely anonymous.

An anonymous phone is fairly easy to acquire if you have the right know how on get one.


1. Purchase a device called a magicjack with cash so that a credit or debit card can't be crossed referenced to a serial number. This will enable you to use voip services through the internet. They are usually around $40 to $50 with a 1 year subscription.

2. Connect to the internet either using a wifi router with an antenna cantenna through a anonymous free public hotspot from your home, or simply walk into a hotspot area with a laptop.

3. After an internet connection is established, sign up to magicjack with an anonymous name and address. There is no penalty of perjury or anything legal of that sort so using an anonymous name is fine.

4. Dial out and all of your phone calls are completely from an anonymous number.

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