Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Use Baking Paper

Baking paper makes cleaning your pans a lot easier.

Baking paper -- also called parchment paper -- is an often overlooked baking tool. When used properly it can prevent burned baked goods, absorb grease and make cleaning your baking tins much easier. Baking paper offers nonstick qualities, making it a much healthier alternative to Teflon and other nonstick coatings. There's not much to using baking paper in the kitchen; it can also be reused or composted since it is biodegradable.


1. Roll out a sheet of baking paper, slightly larger than the baking tin or pan you will be using.

2. Size the baking paper to your tin. For cake pans, lay the pan on the baking paper and trace around the pan. Cut around the tracing to create a circle of baking paper.

3. Mold the baking paper to your pan if necessary. Lay the pan upside down and press the baking paper around the pan.

4. Insert the baking paper into the bottom of the pan, pressing up around the sides to mold the paper to the pan. The pan is now ready to use.