Saturday, March 8, 2014

Elmo Projector Instructions

Elmo manufactures several different models of projectors for school or business use. Overhead projectors use light and mirrors to project onto a screen a document that is placed on the staging area of the machine. Though some of the projectors produced by Elmo have different features, the main operating procedure for each model is similar.


Elmo projectors are generally sent in one piece, with different packaging materials protecting the important elements of the projector, such as the glass staging area and the projection mirror. Remove all of the packaging materials from the unit prior to first use to prevent damage to the machine.

Once the packaging materials are removed, pull up on the arm located on the side of the projector to raise the projection head. The arm will lock into place when it is at a 90-degree angle. It is important to raise the arm fully to keep the projection head from becoming damaged by the heat of the lamp. If you need to lower the arm for storage, pull out on the locking knob and lower the arm until it comes to rest on the stopper.

Using the Projector

The projector needs to be placed on a steady surface with the projection head facing the screen or other surface where the projection will be viewed. Plug the power cord into a power outlet and press the main power switch to turn on the projector. The projector's lamp will turn on. Place the document you wish to project onto the screen on the staging area of the projector. Turn the focus head located near the projection head to focus the image as needed.

Changing the Lamp

The lamp in your Elmo projector has a limited lifespan which is determined by the amount of time you use the projector and how often you switch the projector on and off. You can change the lamp on your projector when it dies. First, wait until the lamp in the projector has cooled off to avoid burns. The lamp will get very hot and may require several minutes before it is cool enough to touch. Next, unplug the projector. Open the frame housing the staging area glass while pressing the main power switch toward the projector's arm. Pull the lamp out of the socket and install the new lamp, taking care to not touch the mirror on the underside of the lamp. Close the frame before using the projector again.

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