Sunday, March 2, 2014

Be A Feminine Southern Belle

Belles are the height of young womanhood in the South.

Belles are the archetype of ladyhood of the South in the United States. True belles represent qualities of ultimate womanhood, as considered by southern values. Belles are the South's version of a debutante, a woman of high values and classy upbringing in the rest of the world.


1. Dress conservatively yet fashionably. Dresses should not be revealing in the least, but they should also be very beautiful. Southern belles are supposed to convey a sense of utmost properness, yet they also are the very forefront of the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Walking this fine line requires careful wardrobe planning. Large elaborate dresses with simple side-accouterments, such as a fan or an umbrella, may help complete the look.

2. Act extremely polite and well-mannered. It is not seemly for a southern belle to become upset about anything, nor is it right for her to be publicly upset about things. The traditional southern belle maintains a calm composure and a sweet disposition throughout familial and social gatherings, and is the ultimate hostess. This means being friendly and welcoming to everyone whom she meets, and providing for them as they need.

3. Pray frequently, and attend religious services. Southern belles embrace traditional church-going values, and are seen as the glue which will help to hold their future family together. Southern belles should have faith in God and should regularly express this faith while in social situations and circles.

4. Attend a debutante ball and formally enter into society. When it is clear that a southern belle has come of mature age and is ready to fulfill all the duties of a woman, a celebration is held in her honor. Her initial entrance into society is the most important moment of a southern belle's life, as it officially declares her readiness for romance and courtship, as well as her ability to fill her role as a woman in society.

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