Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hang Drywall On A Sloped Ceiling

Drywall comes in large 4-by-8 foot sections. This makes covering an entire ceiling a rather quick process, however, this size makes the drywall heavy and cumbersome. Drywall installation becomes even more challenging when you need to hold the drywall up against the ceiling studs at an angle, such as when you drywall a sloped ceiling. Even with the help of one or two friends, this can be a back-breaking project. Drywall lifts take most of the grunt work out of a drywall project. They make the project so much easier that you may be able to do it by yourself.


1. Measure the sloped ceiling's length and height. Divide the length measurement by 8 and the height measurement by 4. This tells you how many full sheets of drywall you will be able to hang both across the sloped ceiling as well as up the sloped ceiling.

2. Lower the drywall lift's support hooks, located on the bottom edge. Lift a sheet of drywall onto the lift with the bottom edge resting on the hooks. The drywall's paper backing should face toward you and it should be sitting the long way across the lift.

3. Roll the lift to one end of the sloped ceiling. Crank the lift's handle to slowly lift the drywall up to the ceiling. Position the drywall so its bottom edge meets with the wall's top edge. Lock the drywall lift into this height.

4. Tilt the lift's arms so the drywall rests flat against the sloped ceiling's studs. Drive four drywall screws through the drywall and into each stud. Position one screw about two inches from the bottom edge, one screw about two inches from the top edge, and two screws evenly spaced between them.

5. Unlock and lower the drywall lift, and load it with a new piece of drywall. Lift this piece of drywall up to the sloped ceiling the same way you lifted the first piece. Continue to work down the sloped ceiling's length and height until it is completely drywalled.

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