Thursday, February 13, 2014

Troubleshooting Elkay Drinking Fountains

Troubleshooting Elkay Drinking Fountains

The Elkay Manufacturing company produces a variety of sinks, water coolers, faucets and drinking fountains for both residential and commercial uses. Their fountains are all constructed of stainless steel with some having a plastic base. Because drinking fountains get a lot of daily use by many people, they can experience problems. To determine what is causing the problem with an Elkay drinking fountain, a series of troubleshooting steps must be performed.


1. Look for water that runs out of the dispenser even when the fountain is not in use. Unplug the fountain's power cord to determine if this stops the flow of water. If the flow of water does not stop, have a repair person replace the solenoid in the fountain. If the flow of water did stop, have a repair person replace the press bar on the fountain.

2. Check the compressor if the water in the fountain is not cold. Vacuum the outside of the compressor fins to remove all dust and debris. Push the relay connection wire into the fountain firmly to make sure that it is secure. If this does not solve the problem, have a repair person replace the relay.

3. Listen for a loud, repetitive knocking sound coming from the bottom of the fountain. This noise means the compressor has failed and must be replaced by a repair professional.

4. Resolve low water problems from the faucet by cleaning the mouth piece with water and scrub brush to remove sand and mineral buildup. If the water flow is still too low, turn the regulator screw to increase the water flow as directed by the product manual for your style fountain.

5. Resolve water flow that is too high by turning the water shutoff valve on the wall under the fountain counterclockwise until it is fully open. If the problem persists, turn the regulator screw to decrease water flow using your fountain's product manual.

6. Fix a complete lack of water flow by opening the water shutoff valve under the fountain by turning it counterclockwise. Also look for a twist in the water supply line that runs from the shutoff valve to the fountain and untwist it. If the fountain still does not dispense water, have a repair person replace the regulator.

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