Sunday, February 23, 2014

Infinity Pendant Meaning

An infinity pendant is a truly wonderful gift to give because it symbolizes time looping back and endlessly over itself, and can represent the conjoining and equality between male and female and solar (sun) and lunar (moon). The infinity symbol is representative of sexual union and sacred marriage, notes The symbol also stands for eternity and infinity.

The Symbol

The infinity symbol can be beautifully displayed in a pendant, earrings or a bracelet. An infinity pendant can be attached to a cable chain and will twist and catch the light. The infinity or eternity symbol was considered to represent unity of the sexes, perfection and dualism in ancient Tibet and India, according to The symbol is also associated with balance or the equilibrium of forces and with magic in the occult.


Infinity means unbounded by time, space or quantity, which many hope is how their relationships will turn out. The infinity symbol represents the unity between a man and a woman and also symbolizes perfection, according to the beliefs in ancient India.


Infinity is an idea that is used in philosophy and math that refers to no end or without bound when it comes to quantity. The word infinity comes from infinitas, which is Latin and means unboundedness.


Introduced to mathematical literature by John Wallis, the infinity symbol is sometimes referred to as lemniscates, which is derived from lemniscus, which is Latin and means ribbon. The symbol was first used in 1655 by Wallis, who may have chosen this symbol because it comes from the Roman numeral for 1,000 and meant many. Another theory is that the symbol came from the Greek letter omega, which is the last letter in the Greek alphabet. Infinity was defined as a collection is infinite, if some of its parts are as big as a whole by German mathematician Georg Canter in the late 19th century.


The concept of infinity has tantalized and mystified deep thinkers for thousands of years. Many religions attempt to decipher the concept in their way. To this day, we still ponder infinity and what it means to us.

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