Saturday, February 22, 2014

Identify An Authentic Fendi Handbag

Identify an Authentic Fendi Handbag

Fendi is a maker of luxury goods that has made strides in recent years to authenticate its goods. As knock-offs get more and more convincing, it is harder to tell that a handbag is authentic, even if it is purchased in a trendy boutique. Look for some key characteristics listed below that all authentic Fendi bags have.


1. Look at the stitching very closely. Stitching in a Fendi bag should be perfectly straight. The stitches should be even and the color of thread should match the material. No stitches should be loose or missing.

2. Study the Fendi logo carefully. While knock-offs may also have a very convincing label, a Fendi will be expertly engraved into the leather, not printed on the surface. Run your fingers over the material to feel the imprint of the logo.

3. Check the hardware of the handbag for engraving. The hardware should be engraved with the Fendi logo carefully.

4. Make sure the hardware has a cover on it. Authentic Fendi bags have a cover over the hardware that is removed upon purchasing.

5. Look for the authenticity card. Fendi bags are sold with authenticity cards, usually made of leather.

6. Check that there is a hologram sticker. This is the newest effort by Fendi to distinguish their products from counterfeits. The hologram stickers are encoded and can only be viewed with special magnifying device.

7. Look at the serial number. The serial number should be printed on the leather on the inside of the bag. The serial number should be numbers only and not have any letters included.

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