Sunday, February 23, 2014

Design And Make Custom Neoprene Koozies

Keep your drinks cold with your new personalized koozie.

Give your next cold drink some personality with a custom-designed neoprene koozie. Koozies, or drink can coolers, have been keeping people's drinks cold for years. They are often made from a plain foam, rubber or neoprene. Some have advertisements for companies or attractions. Be creative and make your own personalized koozie. This is a great way to commemorate an event, like a wedding, party or a vacation. It also makes it easier to spot your drink in a crowded setting.


1. Measure with a ruler the area on the koozie blank where you would like your monogram to be placed.

2. Open the embroidery program on your computer.

3. Lay out the design you would like to embroider onto your koozie. Use the dimensions from Step 1.

4. Upload the design to the proper media for your embroidery machine (such as a memory card or USB drive).

5. Set the machine up for the embroidery function according to the machine's directions.

6. Place a piece of tear away stabilizer in the embroidery hoop.

7. Mark the koozie with the air soluble marker. You will need to measure and mark the middle of the area where you design will be placed.

8. Spray the tear away stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive. Place the koozie on top of the stabilizer with the right side facing up.

9. Place the hoop on embroidery machine and embroider the design onto the koozie.

10. Remove the hoop from the machine. Peel the koozie off of the embroidery hoop.

11. Peel the excess stabilizer from the back of the koozie.

12. Switch your machine to the sewing setup per the machine's instructions. Change the thread to all-purpose sewing thread.

13. Fold the koozie with the right sides together. Pin the koozie at the top and the bottom edges.

14. Sew a straight stitch up each side of the koozie. Reinforce the ends by backstitching.

15. Remove pins and flip the koozie right side out.

16. Use the notions to embellish the koozie to your liking.

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