Thursday, February 20, 2014

Know If A Gucci Backpack Purse Is Real

You can identify a fake Gucci backpack purse easily.

Gucci uses the finest materials---leather, suede, patent leather and nylon---to construct their quality handbags. While authentic Gucci bags are sold at Gucci boutiques and high-end department stores, budget shoppers looking for a deal often buy used Gucci products through other outlets. Determine the authenticity of a Gucci product with these designer handbag tips.


1. Check the inside lining for puckering. The condition of a designer handbag's lining is a great indicator of the purse's overall quality. The fabric interiors of Gucci backpacks will lay flat along the inside of the handbag without puckering.

2. Examine the Gucci G logo for clues to authenticity. A single G or E logo indicates a fake product. Knock-off purses may also substitute the famous Gucci GG for a double C.

3. Verify the identification card. All Gucci backpacks are sold with a controllato card. Controllato is Italian for checked. This identification card signifies that the backpack has passed the designer's quality standards and is authentic. The brand name Gucci is printed in capital letters on the front of the identification card. The word controllato is printed below the Gucci logo in lowercase. Both words are centered on the card.

4. Scrutinize the stitching. An irregular seam along the outer corners of a Gucci bag indicates poor quality and workmanship. A high-quality Gucci backpack has stitches that are even and run along the seams in a straight line.

5. Inquire about dust bags. According to Bag Vanity, authentic Gucci products are sold with two versions of Gucci dust bags. The dust bag will either have the brand name Gucci written in gold letters across the front dust bag, or have the double G logo imprinted on the bag. If the backpack is wrapped in plastic, it is not authentic.

6. Check the backpack's clasps, zippers and hardware. The best designer handbags use heavy plated nickel or brass in the assembly of their hardware. All clasps and snaps on your backpack should fasten easily, and all locks on the handbag should turn with ease.

Tips Warnings

A fake Gucci backpack will have an inside lining that puckers at the seams or feels rough when touched.

Visit the Gucci website or any authorized retail locations to view current Gucci purse and handbag collections.

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