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What Is The Definition Of A Tea Length Dress

The tea length dress is a dress of varying styles of top that falls to between the bottom of the knee and the bottom of the calf. In earlier times, the dress tended toward the former. It can be worn for many different occasions, from wedding to garden party to work, depending on the accessories and shoes chosen to go with it.

History of the Tea Dress

According to Emily Post in her 1922 book, Etiquette, the tea dress is one that is a hybrid between a wrapper and a ball dress. It has always a train and usually long flowing sleeves; is made of rather gorgeous materials and goes on easily, and its chief use is not for wear at the tea-table so much as for dinner alone with one's family. As time continued and standards for acceptability changed, this longer dress became shorter as well as more suitable for wearing outside the home.

Length of the Tea Dress

Strictly speaking, a tea length dress should fall near the bottom of the calf. In practice, modern tea-length dresses are often cocktail length, falling just below the knee. So, if a dress falls above the ankle and below the knee, it may be properly considered a tea length dress. Anything longer may be considered ballerina length or maxi length.

Difference Between a Cocktail Dress and a Tea Dress

In modern times, the dividing line between a cocktail dress and a tea dress has become blurred. Generally speaking, a cocktail dress is more suitable for an evening affair that is semi-formal, when men wear black suits. Cocktail dresses may also fall above the knee. The tea dress, on the other hand, is often made from lighter fabrics and is more suitable for less formal daytime affairs, or more casual, outdoor, daytime weddings.

When to Wear a Tea Length Dress

Tea dresses are great for summer events that take place outdoors, such as weddings and parties. They can also work at the office. When in a darker shade and cut with a slightly heavier material, tea length dresses can make the transition in the fall months, as well. The length is great for showing off shoes, and the tea dress works well with more elegant, sharp heels due to its feminine, floaty nature.

Materials for a Tea Length Dress

Tea dresses are often made of lighter fabrics, and usually have a floral print of varying size. Current tea dresses are zipped in the back. They can also be made of slightly heavier materials if they are intended for seasons besides summer.

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