Monday, February 24, 2014

Get A Cash Advance At Chase Bank

If you want a cash advance at Chase Bank, there are a couple of ways to go about it. But keep in mind that cash advance fees have recently increased. Your interest rate for a cash advance will be higher than your rate for purchases and balance transfers. A cash advance transaction can be processed in just a few minutes.


1. Go to the ATM and insert your credit card from Chase Bank or another bank. You will need your four-digit pin code. Hit the other transaction key and make cash advance withdrawal. The ATM may limit you to $500 per day if you have not gotten this increased at your branch. If you use a Chase Bank credit card, the fee will be 3 percent of the transaction amount or a minimum of $10, whichever is greater. The fee will increase in January 2010 to 5 percent of the transaction amount or a minimum of $10, whichever is greater. Be aware that some accounts are incurring the 5 percent fee already. A bank employee will need your account information to see which applies to your account. There is no maximum amount for this transaction. If you use another bank's credit card, such as Wachovia, you will incur a second fee, this one of $1.50.

2. Go inside the bank and speak to a teller. You will need picture identification. The most commonly accepted forms of identification are driver's license, state ID, passport and a military ID. Tell the teller that you want a cash advance. He will take your credit card and identification and process your request through the credit card terminal. You will be able to receive cash up to your available cash limit, which is usually different from your available credit limit.

3. Get your cash and sign the cash advance receipt. Make sure that you get the correct amount of cash. Count your cash out while you are still at the teller station and sign your receipt. You can usually receive more cash by going inside the branch, as opposed to the ATM. The same fees are debited to your account.

4. Wait for your statement in the mail. You will see the fees on your credit card statement in the fees section. Your annual percentage rate will appear to be inflated, because the fees will also appear in the finance charge section. Next month, your annual fee will be slightly lower provided you don't do another cash advance. The inflated rate is used so that you will know the true cost of borrowing money.

Tips Warnings

According to Chase Bank, your interest rate for a cash advance could be 19 to 29 percent. Your exact interest rate will depend on your account. A default rate of 29 percent could be assessed because of late payments. Give the teller your credit card number to get your exact rate.

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