Saturday, February 22, 2014

Order Steelers Checks

Football fans are some of the most loyal fans of any professional sport and that loyalty carries over into a number of different fields, including personal banking. In the past it#x2019;s been fairly hard to find NFL-authorized checks, especially those relating to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, though, Steelers fans have a few options when it comes to ordering checks with the team#x2019;s logo. It#x2019;s the perfect way to support your favorite team and to make writing checks just a little more fun.


1. Open a bank account with a branch of PNC. This option is best for those that live in the Pittsburgh area or those who have easy access to a branch. PNC is the official bank of the Steelers, and the team#x2019;s logo is emblazoned on everything from their ATMs to their checks.

2. Visit the Cheap Checks, Inc. website and order your checks directly from their website. They offer dozens of different athletic themed checks, including those from professional sport teams. You#x2019;ll need to disclose some personal information, but they keep all of that information secure.

3. Invest in check printing software to create your own Steelers-themed checks. You can use any image you want and print the checks off at home with your own printer and magnetic ink. Most of the starter kits include everything you need to make a set of checks and you can find them from stores that specialize in electronics accessories.

4. Buy Steelers checks from Checks Unlimited. The company specializes in checks and has hundreds of designs on their website, including a Pittsburgh Steelers design. You#x2019;ll need to fill out all of your personal information online or send them a copy of a cancelled check, and you#x2019;ll have your new checks in less than a month.

5. Skip the checks and open an account with Bank of America. The bank has licenses in place with dozens of professional sports teams and individuals from NASCAR to the NFL. While you can#x2019;t order checks with the Steelers from Bank of America, you can order a debit card with the team logo on it.

Tips Warnings

Ask your own bank for their catalogue of check styles and designs to see if you can order Steelers checks directly from them. Banks allow their customers to purchase checks directly from their vendors and you might find Steelers checks in the catalogue.

Trust your instincts and be wary of any website that looks or feels strange. There are websites that promise great and cheap checks, but instead steal your personal information and don#x2019;t deliver the checks.

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