Monday, February 24, 2014

What Company Makes Scion Cars

Scion is a car marquee built by Japanese auto manufacturer Toyota Motors. Scion was designed as a way to market Toyota to the youth demographic. With three models and numerous aftermarket options, Scion has the youngest median age for car buyers.

Project Geneis

In 1999, Toyota attempted to target its cars to a younger demographic by launching Project Genesis. Three cars, the MR2-Spyder, Celica and Echo, were marketed differently than other cars. The project failed.

Scion Launched

Scion was launched in 2002 at the New York Auto ssucceed where Project Genesis failed, attracting younger buyers to the market.

Target Market

Toyota's median buying age was 54 years old. Scion was launched to capture the 18 to 49 market. The project succeeded as Scion currently has the lowest median age in the industry: 39 years old.


Scion currently has three models on the U.S. market. The tC is a three-door sedan, the xB is a 5-door boxy wagon and the xD is a 5-door subcompact.


Scion distinguishes itself by offering numerous aftermarket accessories for its products like mesh grills, as well as encouraging other companies to produce parts in the aftermarket.

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