Monday, February 24, 2014

How Much Should Beef Tenderloin Cost

Beef tenderloin is a high-quality cut of meat with little marbleing and a tender texture.

Finer Cuts Cost More

Beef tenderloin in prime cut purchased at a butcher or upscale market can cost up to $30 a pound. Prime cuts of beef have the most marbling and flavor and the tenderest texture.

Tenderloin is Already Tender Cut

At warehouse stores, some local butchers, and sometimes local farms, shoppers can purchase beef tenderloin in a choice cut and occasionally a prime cut for $10 to $15 a pound. Many chef and home cooks find that since beef tenderloin has very little marbling and is a tender cut already, the prime cut is unnecessary.

Bottom Line

Only pay premium prices for tenderloin if it is important to have grass-fed beef or to purchase from a certain market. If taste and value are the main concerns, look for great-tasting beef tenderloin for $10 to $15 per pound.

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