Thursday, February 20, 2014

Replace The Drain Pump On Maytag Neptune Washer

Replace your drain pump to get your washer working again.

Although the Maytag Neptune is a reliable appliance, parts do wear out over time. When your washer starts to drain poorly or not at all, it will be necessary to replace the drain pump. Drain pumps are available at appliance repair facilities. Replacing the drain pump on a Maytag Neptune is not difficult. Unlike many washers, the Neptune pump does not secure with bolts. The pump sits on a base and you will need to simply turn the pump to release it from the washer.


1. Unplug the Maytag Neptune power cord from the wall outlet. Pull the washer 1 foot away from the wall. Turn off the water supply spigots at the wall.

2. Place some masking tape around the edge of the putty knife blade. This will protect the finish of your washer while using the putty knife. Place some tape over the washer lid to secure the lid to the top panel.

3. Insert the putty knife between the top and front panels at the seam of the washer lid. Press in with the putty knife blade to release the retaining clip and lift up on the corner of the top panel. Move over to the opposite corner of the washer and release the retaining clip with the putty knife. Lift the front of the top panel back toward the wall. The top panel has hinges that it will rest against.

4. Remove the two screws on the inside top corners of the front panel with a Phillips-head screwdriver. The screws secure the front panel to the side panels. Pull the top of the front panel toward you and lift up to release the front panel from the bottom retaining clips.

5. Locate the drain pump inside the right rear of the washer. Disconnect the hose from the pump to the washer tub by compressing the compression clamp together with a pair of pliers. Remove the outlet hose from the pump using the pliers to compress the retaining clamp.

6. Press the plastic tab on the side of the wiring harness to the top of the drain pump with your fingers. Pull the wiring harness away from the pump. Place your hand on top of the pump and turn the pump counter-clockwise 45 degrees. Lift the pump off the base and pull the pump out of the washer.

7. Place the new pump inside the washer with the drain port pointing toward the washer drain and the inlet port pointing toward the tub. Angle the pump 45 degrees and set the pump into the base on the bottom of the washer. Twist the pump back 45 degrees to lock it in place.

8. Compress the retaining compression clamps on the hoses and place the hoses back over their respective ports on the pump. Maneuver the compression clamps over the ports and hose and release the clamps to secure the hoses.

9. Connect the wiring harness to the top of the drain pump by pushing the harness until it locks into position.

10. Set the bottom of the front panel into the bottom retaining clips and push the top of the front panel against the side panels. Secure the front panel with the retaining screws.

11. Lower the top panel and press on the top of the front corners to engage the retaining clips. Push the washer back into its working position and plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Turn on the water spigots at the wall to supply water to the washer.

Tips Warnings

Always disconnect power from appliances before attempting repairs.

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