Sunday, February 23, 2014

What Are Good Anniversary Gifts For A Lesbian Couple

What are good anniversary gifts for a lesbian couple? The answer is the same things you would get for a heterosexual couple. But if you want to do something different to celebrate the lesbian union of this couple, then here are a few ideas.

Make A Hers and Hers Gift

Bathrobes for the couple that say Hers and Hers is putting a new spin on an old tradition. You can buy two like terrycloth bathrobes and embroider the words onto the back of the robe. If embroidery is not a craft you can tackle, you can bring the robes to a store that does this. A business that sells the embroidered shirts for sports teams has the capability of doing this. You can purchase robes that are made of a T-shirt--like material and make an iron-on transfer from your home computer for the personalized robes.

You can make two T-shirts with the iron-on transfers printed from your computer that say I am with her with an opposite pointing arrow on each one. This makes a more personalized lesbian gift. You could add the anniversary date to either one of these gifts, the T-shirts or robes.

Entertainment And Travel

The L Word box set of DVD's is a great anniversary gift for a lesbian couple. This cable show portrays a circle of lesbian friends as they go through the trials and tribulations of daily life. It addresses issues that lesbian couples face today with adoption and the legalities of separations. Movies with lesbian story lines such as The Hours, A Long Term Relationship, and Dessert Hearts(classic movie, one of the first with a lesbian story) are great picks for the couple as well.

If the couple like to travel, you can get them a nice road atlas with destinations highlighted that are favorites of lesbian couples. There are some places that pride themselves on being a destination for same-sex couples. Northampton, MA and Providence Town, MA are two of those locations.

Universal Gifts

The lesbian couple celebrating their anniversary will appreciate the same type of gifts that you would give to a heterosexual couple. You can get them a gift certificate to a local restaurant, health food store, or a day spa for two. Depending on what you want to spend, you can get them a romantic get away to a bed and breakfast Inn at the shore or in the country. If you are on a budget, you can get a bouquet of flowers or a nice scented candle.

Personalized or generic, the lesbian couple celebrating their anniversary will appreciate the thought of whatever you may give them as a present.

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