Friday, February 14, 2014

Diy Pool Deck Resurfacing

Resurfacing a pool deck can make it safer and more attractive, add a rich new color scheme to your backyard and revitalize your entire outdoor living space. New technology in deck coatings and materials now makes it possible to enjoy a durable deck surface that will resist cracks, stains and the effects of weather for many years. Best of all, it's a project you can do yourself.

Preparing the Deck

The most important part of resurfacing is preparing the deck to accept a new finish. Older concrete decks are often cracked and stained. The first step is to clean the deck. Start by power-washing the concrete with a high-pressure spray to remove as much of the grease, suntan lotions and surface dirt as possible. You can rent a power washer for this job.

Use muriatic acid and a stiff-bristled push broom to remove dried mineral deposits, and deep-clean and etch the surface. A broom with artificial bristles is best because the acid will quickly destroy natural bristles. Use a one-to-one mixture of acid and water, and pour it onto one section at a time. Let the acid work for a minute, then scrub vigorously as you go. Wear rubber gloves and rubber boots to protect yourself, and be careful of the fumes. It's a good idea to wear a respirator. You can neutralize any remaining acid with soda ash before hosing it off.

Removing High Spots and Filling Cracks

If your deck has large cracks where one edge is higher than the other, rent a concrete grinder to take the high edges down to match the surrounding deck. You need a flat, even surface as a base for the new coating.

After the deck is completely dry, fill cracks with a flexible epoxy that will bond with the concrete but remain flexible to absorb additional deck movement in the future. Most of the cracking is due to water getting under the deck and expanding the soil. Sealing the cracks minimizes this problem in the future.

Coating the Deck

Use an elastomeric pool surface coating to resurface your deck. These are the same materials used in high-traffic areas such as parking garages, balconies and pedestrian walkways. They come in a variety of colors, bond well with concrete, hold up well after years of use and weather and provide the nonslip surface necessary around a pool. You can mix the components and roll it on like paint.

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