Sunday, February 2, 2014

Seal Your Henna

Keep the henna tattoo fresher longer by developing a natural seal.

Henna tats really are a safe and non-permanent type of body decoration in which a paste mixture, produced from the henna plant, is colored onto the skin manually, within an intricate pattern. Typically an Indian tradition, henna is becoming extremely popular within the U . s . States. Henna tats usually last as long as 4 days and progressively disappear with time. However, sealing the henna could keep the colour from diminishing immediately and the tattoo searching fresh for several days.


1. Dry the skin all around the henna tattoo completely. Look into the tattoo to make certain the henna isn't peeling or cracking. Avoid sealing when the henna is cracked because this will just seal the defects within the cracked design. Re-fresh paint the cracked or peeling servings of the henna and let it totally dry before trying to close it.

2. In a tiny cup, mix together 2 parts fresh lemon juice with 1 part sugar. Stir quickly before the sugar has dissolved within the fresh lemon juice. Mix enough to pay for the part of the tattoo.

3. Dab the mix lightly within the henna tattoo using a cotton pad. Add henna glitter, if preferred, to produce a sparkle effect. Allow the mixture dry to produce a protective seal within the skin. Do this again every 2 or 3 days to keep the seal.

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