Monday, February 3, 2014

Curtains Which Go With Bamboo Shades

Enhance bamboo shades by mixing them with the proper curtains.

Provide your room an informal, earthy feel by hanging bamboo shades in your home windows. They are available in Roman and roll-up styles, as well as in numerous color options--from pale honey gold towards the greatest browns and shades of black. While bamboo shades look perfectly fine hanging alone, sometimes you will want to mix all of them with curtain sections, because of privacy or decoration. Curtains can easily complement the feel of your bamboo shades, but only when you utilize appropriate types.

Curtain Styles

Curtain styles combined with bamboo shades needn't be completely casual, however they need to feel comfortable. Hanging bamboo shades under formal curtains makes both remedies appear unnatural. Fishing rod-pocket, tie-top, tab-top and ring-top curtains all look great with bamboo shades. For a bit more interest in the header, try drapery sections with shirred or smocked tops. Draperies with casual pleats--like box, pencil and cup pleats--also fully trust bamboo shades.

Curtain Measures

Floor length curtains flatter most rooms, and balance the horizontal slats of bamboo shades. However, bamboo shades are casual enough to utilize sill length curtains once the room requires them. For instance, floor-length curtains just get in the manner for those who have a financial institution of low bookcases running underneath the home windows.

Curtain Materials

Cotton, linen, made of woll, burlap and woven bamboo materials mix naturally with bamboo shades. Blends and natural-searching synthetics work fine too. Silk even looks stunning with bamboo shades, as lengthy because the silk does not possess a sheen. Actually, avoid any shiny fabric.

Use a number of fabric textures effectively with bamboo shades. Flat-woven materials, coarse and nubby materials, broadcloth and barkcloth all work nicely from the natural texture from the bamboo. Heavier weaves like herringbone and tweed look great in rooms having a masculine feel.

Solids look classic with bamboo shades, but so many prints. Apparent pattern options include stripes, plaid, toile and floral, or boost the wow factor with chinoiserie, trellis or modern geometric designs. Repeating, stylized Art Nouveau and humanities-and-Crafts designs--like individuals by William Morris--usually feature organic-inspired designs, and therefore use natural bamboo shades. Add a very beautiful note by utilizing resist-dyed ikat, batik or plangi designs.

Curtain Tiebacks

Using tiebacks with stationary curtain sections looks perfectly fine with bamboo shades, but avoid formal materials. Smooth, shiny cords and tassels feel odd, but cording produced from natural rope improves the earthy feel of bamboo shades--particularly when coupled with tassels put up with wooden beads, gemstones or shells. Add an arty touch by utilizing cloisonne capped tassels with dangling items of colored glass and enamel. Or, simply employ ropes of put up turquoise or barrier. Wrought-iron holdbacks look great if you are also utilizing an iron curtain fishing rod.

Curtain Rods and Hardware

Wooden curtain rods--colored or stained--complement bamboo shades. Black iron rods look great too, just like any matte-finished metal rods and hardware. Try blown pewter, bronze or perhaps brass. Go for simple finial shapes and brackets, and steer clear of heavy carving.

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