Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Make A Ballerina Bar

Ballet bars help dancers to build strength and balance.

A ballet bar is essential for any dance studio where ballet classes will be taught. Ballet bar exercises form the basis of strength and balance training for ballet dancers. Dancers may wish to install ballet bars in their homes so they can practice when not in class. Either way, building your own ballet bar is simple and inexpensive.


1. Sand the wooden dowels to make sure there are no sharp edges and that you can't get any splinters from the wood.

2. Stain the wooden dowel with wood stain. Use a cloth to rub the stain into the dowel. Allow it to dry for four to six hours. Add another coat of stain if you want the color to be darker.

3. Use a paint brush to paint on a thin coat of lacquer. Let the lacquer dry overnight, and then add one more coat. Allow the second coat to dry for 24 hours. Lacquer gives the ballet bar a nice finish and makes it easy to clean, which is important when many dancers have their hands on it in the course of a day.

4. Measure and mark the spaces on the wall where you will install the closet bar brackets. A standard ballet bar is 36 to 38 inches off the ground. If children will be using the bar, position it 8 to 10 inches lower. You will need a closet bar bracket about every 4 feet. Make your marks on the wall with a pencil.

5. Use a level to make sure that all of your marks are level. Hold the brackets on the wall, and mark with your pencil where the screws will go.

6. Use a power drill to install wall anchors in every place you marked for the bracket screws.

7. Secure the wall brackets to the wall using screws that fit the wall anchors. Double check each wall bracket to make sure it is properly installed and that the screws are tightened.

8. Lay the wooden dowel across the wall brackets and secure it in place with screws. Double check each place that the bar comes in contact with a bracket to make sure the screws are tightened.

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